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RICHMETERS GM320 Digital infrared Thermometer Adjustable Emissivity Pyrometer Aquarium laser Thermometer Outdoor thermometer

induction heater, isp usb

Vertical Stand Ps4

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Reve En Vert  Win

Last week my good friend Claire entered us into a little competition with Reve En Vert to win a little box of goodies full or some organic beauty. To our suprise, we won! 

I wanted to share as I’m working on switching my kit to more cruelty free beauty and there were two brands in the box of goodies that are new to me and look delicious ! 


Firstly there was a little Flower Facial and Eye Cream by INLight beauty! I’d not heard of them before, but after feeling under the weather last week,  the flower facial was just what I needed !

INLight Flower Feast Facial Steam


The INLight Facial Steam is really easy to use and something that can compliment any normal skincare routine.  To use,  just dilute a table spoon of the mix of

  •  Lavender
  •  Rose
  • Camomile
  • Calendula
  • Hibiscus
  • Cornflower

into boiling water, then use a towel over your head to allow the steam to sooth, cleanse and calm your skin…


I did this for a little over 5 minutes and afterwards my skin di d look fresher, and it was a great treatment to use before a normal bedtime skincare routine. I also had a cold this week so it really helped with my stuffy nose and just made me feel a little bit more fresh. This will definitely be something I incorporate into my weekly skincare routine! 


The other two products were from Kjaer Weis whom I’d never heard of before! Upon doing a little research I discovered that this brand is cruelty free and organic with no chemicals created by a Danish born New York based makeup artist in 2010. “The packaging is created in bold metal compacts, which are housed by red lacquered grain textured cases reminiscent of dainty jewelry boxes. “

Kj aer Weis Lip Balm 

The first thing I noticed about this little gem was the packaging which come sin a metal refillable compact. It’s quite heavy but it’s striking and feels very glam on my dressing table! Apparently it has Brazilian Nut Oil and Chamomile in it to soothe and is worth £38! Yippee! It’s been awhile since I’ve come across a really luxurous packaging and I’m a sucker for these sorts of things - the fact it’s cruelty free and organic makes me even happier! 


Kjaer Weis Mascara 

The second Kjaer Weis product I won, was this little mascara! I love the wand which is also refillable and  the packaging is super sleek. It’s worth £29 and is smudge free. I found the effect of this mascara to be quite a natural look that separates each individual hair and gives a very soft finish.


It’s always nice to try new things and I’m sure this wont be the last you hear from me about these new organic brands! 

Thankyou @inlight_beauty ! I really needed this! Tried this Flower Facial Steam tonight and it just refreshed my skin - perhaps just taking 5 minutes out for yourself - doing something good for you is the underestimated meditation! #flowerpower #facialsteam #flowerfacial #organicbeauty #london #inlightbeauty #beauty #skincare #selfcare #nightin

New From Miss U Beauty Network


This week I’ve been playing with some new Miss U products. The brand has some gorgeous shades and their gel polish lasts for ages without chipping. I have tried many gel brands and Miss U is definitely one of my favourites as the products work, the gel lasts and the packaging is adorable

On trend with this summers retro shades, I’ve been trying out the the Miss U Lucy Collection Shades 1 and 5. Separately,  these are £13 each but you can buy all 5 for £60 to save a bit of  money if you’re building your kit. 



Miss U Lucy Shade 1 £13

Miss U Lucy Shade 1 is a mustard yellow and great for summer. Like all gels you need to clean and file the nail, buff the nail plate lightly and stick to products meant to work with the range. I used Miss U Base Coat and Top Coat with this gel polish. Below I used Shade 1 to create this simple fun summer manicure : 


I applied the little flower in this manicure on top of two coats of the gel colour, then I used two layers of Miss U Top Coat Gel to seal it in. Jewellery Gel would not be needed for this particular design as the flowers are not bulky and sit better under the Topcoat.  (Note : These little flowers can be found on ebay/amazon under the search nail art real flowers in all different colours.) 

I think this mustard yellow is a really fun new shade which works well with most outfits. Yellow isn’t a colour that all clients feel confident enough to where as it’s usually quite bright, but I think this retro toned down yellow would be a nice change for those clients that always stick to red polish and want to try something a little different. 

Miss U Lucy Shade 5 £13


Miss U Lucy Shade 5 is a pastel baby pink with a cool tone. It’s really delicate and soft and looks great with palm trees and florals too. I used some nail decals  for the above holiday inspired manicure. I find bright shades and greens really pop against pastel tones and pink is my favorite colour so I will be wearing this shade alot this summer! 

Miss U Holo Gold Striping Tape £3


Another fantastic product by Miss U is their striping tape which is available in 5 shades ( as shown above).  I tend to use nail tape on jobs as it makes nail art really fast. Nail tape is a great nail art product for beginners and advanced nail artist alike as it’s so versatile. 

Here are some tips on application : 

Striping Tape works well applied over normal polish or gel polish to create a stencil for creating clean lines and  shape work. Just apply it over a dried manicure, paint over the area you want to and lift the tape to reveal a clean line! You can tidy up with a little tidy brush if needed : 


Simply applied over gel colour, striping tape adds texture and interest to the nails ( I prefer to use it down the centre of the nail) :


For more statement nails, cut into little squares and apply at the base of the nail :


For drama, cut into sharp sh apes to imitate the icicle effect nail which has been ever popular this year : 


I absolutely love having a play around with new products and these new Miss U products are just too much fun. Find all these items at

For more nail art inspiration check out Miss U on Facebook for live videos and tutorials :

Here’s my favourite look from the new ✨Pop Up Glitter Bar Menu✨ I shot with @carl_osbourn inspired by all the summer festivals! I used @inikaorganic @glossier @itsinyourdreams & @eylureofficial ✨ Glitter looks can be customised for events and parties ! Get in touch for bookings 🎉

Also congratulations to @sanlamander (modelling this look) & @benchatburn who finished their last ever band performance @bimm_london yesterday ! Adventures await you 🎉
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BYBI : Organic & Vegan Skincare

I have been a supporter of the Clean Beauty Co girls who started the brand BYBI (By Beauty Insiders) for quite some time. For those of you looking for a skincare range that is both organic and vegan friendly, look no further. 

Babe Balm


This week I’ve been revisiting the Babe Balm which had a bit of a makeover earlier this year from glass jar to tube. If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour Cream or Bobbie Brown’s Balm, but want to go for something cruelty free, I’d highly recommend Babe Balm. 

It’s a multi purpose balm with squalane, Brazilian pequi oil, shea butter and gives skin a natural radiance without stickyn ess. 

I’ve tried this before when it was in a jar, but I have to say the new tube packaging is much lighter in my kit and easier to carry around as a makeup artist. 


[Above Old Style Packaging]

I like to use Babe Balm on cheeks for a glow, on dry areas of skin or as a cuticle oil. All in all it’s a great multi use beauty balm. 


Supercharge Serum 

Another fantastic product by BYBI is Supercharge Serum, a concentrated corrective serum to renew skin cells. It’s also vegan friendly and cruelty free. Use this after cleansing and before moisturiser to refresh the skin. 

Squalane, Poppy Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil and an host of other lovely organic ingredients make this a really natural and fresh alternative to other serums on the market. 

image< /figure>

For all BYBI beauty products (full of vegan / organic beauty alternatives) visit

Hanging out with @harrietparryflowers in her amazing floral space / art gallery at Old Street Station! Come and say hi - I’m here today and tomorrow doing floral nails and she’s here to inspire you! Take a break from the city life and step into her world 🌼 #popup #oldstreetstation #londontown #nails #flowers #art #bankholidayweekend (at Old Street station)

Here’s the #nailart menu for this weeks Pop Up #inthepalmofyourhand with @harrietparryflowers & @appearherehq 💅🌼 Find me at Old Street Station Unit 3 this Thursday, Friday & Saturday painting nails and doing relaxing hand massages ! Come and say hello 🙂 This fun floral menu was created using @moyou_london plates & real mini flowers 🤗 Be sure to check out @miniflowerarranger who opened her art and flower installation yesterday and will be there all week! #nails #popupnailbar #oldstreetstation #appearhere #manicure #popupnails #londonnails #events #moyoulondon #nailstamping #colourpop #floral #flowerpower #flowernails #ss18 #summervibes #manicurist #arty #flowerinstallation #oldstreetstationpopup (at Unit 3, Old Street Station, London)

The Natural Skin Studio with Jane Iredale


This week I had the opportunity to attend a skin workshop with clean beauty brand Jane Iredale. For those of you who might be new to my blog or haven’t heard of Jane Iredale, they are a cruelty free makeup brand that creates “clean” makeup (this means they don’t use any harsh chemicals in their products).  The creator of the brand (yes Jane Iredale herself) even grows her own minerals if she can’t find a good source of clean minerals to use in her products. Next year will actually be their 25th anniversary and as an artist who is looking to replace my “cruelty” brands with cruelty free brands, this company has really taken my interest as it’s products do work very well. 

This particular event was held at their UK head office in the IIAA and lead Jane Iredale Makeup Artist, Natalie Soto-Carlisle was in charge of demonstrating 2  looks to a room full of beauty insiders.


I arrived with friend and fellow makeup artist Claire Mazik (of Purely Green Beauty) and we were greeted by some new members of the Jane Iredale team and an array of lo vely breakfast foods and coffee! 

Demo 1 - Spa Skin

The first demonstration was largely focused on the various foundations and powders Jane Iredale offer. Lead artist Natalie created the new “Spa Skin” makeup trend  on model Lavinia while awnsering our questions.  I found this demo really useful as Natalie was very well informed on all the ingredients and her product knowledge was  incredible. It was fantastic to learn about what Jane Iredale products would work better for  TV/Film jobs and what products work better for bridal jobs. 

She started creating the spa skin look on Lavinia with Smooth Affair Primer (which is  also available in a version for oiler skin tones as well) : 


Natalie used Active Light Concealor and Pressed Powder to set it in place. A  key product used to give shape to the face was the new Contour palette  applied with their new Vegan friendly makeup brush ranges - I already have this product and it has been really fantastic for all makeup jobs so far as it comes with a highlighter / blusher as well as contour shade : 


As well as creating a gorgeous base, Natalie used the Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette on both demonstrations saying how much she loved the deeper shade Fudge in the corner for definition on the eye : 


I was writing notes furiously as she had some great tips to share! I found out the Beyond Matte Powders are great for HD makeup work as they don’t have rice/mica or sunscreen in them which  creates flash back on screen.



Launching this Autumn 

I also had a sneak peek at the exclusive new Breast Cancer Awareness Play On Lip Colour ca lled “Sunny” which isn’t launching until September (shown below and also on Lavinia on the final look) : 


Along with the new Play On Lip Stick, Natalie told us they are also launching some new brow shades in the fall! Currently you can find three water resistant shades (shown below), but from fall new additions will be added including Ash Blonde  and Medium Brunette. 


The Final Look From Demo 1 : 


Skin : 

  • Contouring Palette (highlighter and blusher also used from the palette)
  • Active Light Concealer with the Camouflage Concealor Brush (Vegan friendly)
  • Pressed Powder to set Active Light applied with the Delux Shader brush 
  • The Fan Brush was used to apply blusher from the Contour Pallette 
  • Peaches & Cream Highlighter to brighten skin which has more gold tones than silver cool tones so works well with Lavinia’s skin type 
  • Balance Hydration Spray to set the makeup 

Tip : Balance Hydration Spray is great setting spray for using on Red Carpet/TV/Film jobs as it has a more matte finish 

Eyes : 

  • Champagne Silk Eye Sheer as a base 
  • Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit (Hush all over and Fudge in the Crease)
  • Angel Liner Brow Brush to apply Saphire Mystikhol Gel Liner 
  • Mascara Primer / Black Mascara 

Lips : 

  • Sunny BCA Lipstick (out in Sept)  with the Retractable Lip Brush 

Demo 2 : Airbrushing With Jane Iredale Products 

The next demonstration was all about Airbrushing with Jane Iredale products which IS possible but in a specific way…


To airbrush with Jane Iredale products Natalie explained that Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder is the best foundation option (incidentally this is their best coverage powder foundation with SPF20). (Makeup Artist Note : The powder has a food grade coated titanium so it works well for film work unlike other mineral brands that have an uncoated titanium which creates flashback.)  She used a 4D pressure system with an Iowada Brush Gun fed from the top. She used Pommisst to create a little foundation mixture to feed through the machine. She made a point that Pommisst is the only JI spray that can be used to create the mix in the airbrush machine as the other sprays may cause the powders to coagulate in the machine. 

She used a 1 oz jar, 1 teaspoon of Amazing Base Powder per 3 x teaspoons of Pommisst Spray. This ready made air brush foundation mix can keep for 12 months and must be used on completely hydrated bare skin. 


She applied toner to model Lavinia’s face and Smooth Affair Primer to the face to prepare for airbrushing. 

Airbrushing Tip : Let any tiny hairs that are obvious on the face lie flat, don’t be tempted to touch them or you will leave an imprint in the foundation. Once you’ve finished airbrushing you can go over with the Flock sponge to press over any areas and smooth out the product 

The Final Look From Demo 2 :

< h2>Skin
  • Pommisst Spray
  •  Smooth Affair Primer   
  • Amazing Base Powder Foundation (mixed with Pommisst through the air brush machine) 
  • Active Light Concealor 
  • Tantasia (mixed with Palmist thorugh the air brush machine)
  • Golden Shimmer Highlighter Mixed with Pommist (through the air brush machine) 

Eyes : 

  • Brow Pencil (New shades coming this fall)
  • Champagne Silk Eye Sheer 
  • Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Pallette 
  • Emerald Mystikhol Gel Liner
  • Black/Grey Eyeliner Pencil 
  • Mascara Primer / Black Mascara 

I particularly loved how Natalie used the Golden Shimmer to highlight Lavinia’s skin through the air brush machine. She made a note that 24k Gold Pigment (a loose gold shimmer Jane Iredale makes) should NOT be used through the air brush machine. 


All in all this was a really great event as it was very educational. I love learning new tips and tricks and the Jane Iredale team did a fantastic job of inspiring all of us and teaching us a little bit more about the way the products in the brand can be used for professional use. 


I was also very blessed to walk away with a few of the products to try out myself ! I chose to go home with some products that I thought I would make the most use out of in my professional kit including : 

  • Hand Drink Lotion 
  • Absence Oil Control Primer 
  • D20 Spray (great for bridal work)
  • Mini Lemongrass Love Spray 
  • Smooth Affair Primer 

A decent cruelty free fixing spray, primer and matte powder will never go amiss. I can’t wait to start using these products on my clients ! 

Thank you so much to the wonderful Jane Iredale team and Lead Artist Natalie for inviting me to this event - it was such a lovely experience. 

As a little thankyou to my readers you can use my unique discount code at the check out to get 15% off until May 31 at (for all your cruelty free beauty needs !)  Just put KIND15 in the check out! :) 

Photography @helenkirkbright
Model @hannahjamesss @milkmodelmanagement
Stylist  @toyotsuchiya
Make Up/Hair/Nails @tabbyfa  Tabby Casto

Photography @helenkirkbright
Model @hannahjamesss @milkmodelmanagement
Stylist @toyotsuchiya
Make Up/Hair  @tabbyfa Tabby Casto

Join me next week in Old Street Station Unit 3 ! I’ll be running a pop up nail bar Thursday - Saturday alongside the creative floral genius that is @harrietparryflowers and @appearhereblog ! Join me next week in Old Street Station Unit 3 ! I’ll be running a pop up nail bar Thursday - Saturday alongside the creative floral genius that is @harrietparryflowers and @appearhereblog ! Join me next week in Old Street Station Unit 3 ! I’ll be running a pop up nail bar Thursday - Saturday alongside the creative floral genius that is @harrietparryflowers and @appearhereblog !

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Photographer : @helenkirkbright
Model : @hannahjamesss @milkmodelmanagement
Stylist : @toyotsuchiya
Make Up : @tabbyfa .
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