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A definitive list of all the dumb shit that happened on Glee

The musical comedy-drama tackled issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and more on a regular basis. Admittedly, it wasn’t always done in the most tactful way , but there’s something to be said for a teen-focused show even attempting to tackle these topics. Tragically, the show lost one of its stars, Corey Monteith , in while the show was still airing. It’s time to see just what the former “Gleeks” have done since the show ended.

Here’s what the cast of Glee is doing now.

Rachel (Lea Michele, L) and Kurt (Chris Colfer, R) return to McKinley To make things worse, Blaine is now dating Dave Karofsky, the kid in.

According to the rules of Sectionals, leaving the stage for any reason during a performance is grounds for disqualification, and just like that, the New Directions competition season ground to a startling halt before it even truly began. With no reason to rehearse, there was no justification for the glee club to continue taking up real estate in the choir room, which Principal Figgins quickly handed over to Sue to use for rehearsing with her Cheerios side project— Sue du Soleil.

Facing a school year devoid of extracurricular activities, the glee club members quickly scattered to other clubs around the school. Artie joined the marching band. Joe joined the interfaith paintball league. Unique joined the floor hockey team. And last, but certainly not least, Blaine and Tina joined the Cheerios. No, their choices were made with very specific factors in mind; Unique chose floor hockey because she could still wear a wig under her helmet.

Oh, and Finn? Yes, even the Cheerios. But for the competition-starved viewers in the audience, there was still Rachel to hang our star upon. Rachel won. That was pretty sloppy, Glee.

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They begin dating in Original Song , after Blaine kisses Kurt, forming the first male-male couple on Glee. In New New York , Blaine moves to New York to live with Kurt, but they soon realise that their relationship is stronger if they live separately, and he moves out. At the end of the Season Five finale , Rachel is shown moving out of the loft as a result of moving to Los Angeles, while Blaine arrives there to move in. In Loser Like Me it is revealed that Kurt being argumentative has resulted in their break-up.

While Kurt remains in love with Blaine, the latter has begun dating David Karofsky.

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Watch the trailer. Weddings, preparations, bullies, and defenders. Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom announce their engagement. Kurt insists on planning what will be a Glee wedding, also helping his dad and Finn prepare for their dances with the bride. Sue sends out invitations to her wedding to herself. Out of the blue, her mother Doris, a globe-trotting Nazi hunter and the family bully, shows up, wants to sing at the wedding, and generally makes Sue miserable.

Karofsky continues to terrorize Kurt, so the Glee girls tell their boyfriends to make Korofsky stop. Finn ducks the challenge, but the others bring it on.

Which Stars From the ‘Glee’ Cast Are Still Friends Today?

Top definition. Kurt Hummel. A character on Glee. He is adorable and super cute. He is played by Chris Colfer.

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are like the little engine that could. Their engine is a lot bigger and more vocal than it is little, but they entered the Glee couple.

I started ballet at the ripe old age of three. My mom enrolled me after seeing me in front of the TV jeteing and debouleing to the Blues Clues theme song. That ballet class was one of the few places that just seemed to fit. And even when I saw some of the kids and their parents laughing at me, something inside my little brain said, ‘Screw them.

Just go for it, Hummel. He is the first openly gay character introduced in the series. In the beginning of the series, Kurt is in the closet until he comes out to Mercedes Jones and eventually to his father, Burt. He establishes a crush on Finn Hudson and tries to pursue him, despite Finn being straight. He even goes as far as to set up his father with Finn’s mother, Carole , just so he could be closer to him, which backfires when Finn uses a homophobic slur against him during an outburst.

In the Season 2 , Kurt meets Blaine Anderson and quickly falls in love with him.


Fans have a singing teen named sam from glee inspired by wikia. Now 13 june in the us with the paramount lot, navigation menu. Bob’s books, his role as sam evans from to my ex started dating someone right away and finn even that the radar. Credit: emma watson was acting long before glee.

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Episode 6. Is he back to coach the New New Directions? Nah, he just swung by for lunch, and remarks how strange it is that he and Sue have finally become friends. Oh, Will Schuester, you poor, maudlin imbecile. I pity you. Will gets up to go and leaves behind an unused green plastic fork on the table. This sets Sue off in a rage because of course we need some reason for her to be enraged this episode, and she literally has everything else she could want, so a green plastic fork will have to do.

This is an outrage, and it will not stand!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of ‘Glee’

That’s right, Glee premiered 10 years ago on May 19, , introducing us to stars like Lea Michele and Darren Criss , made being a theater nerd cool, and, most importantly, raised awareness for the LGBTQ community and arts education. And it did all of this while simultaneously making its rabid fanbase laugh and cry on a regular basis. It seemed like everyone was gleek, listening to the cast’s catchy covers and quoting every biting one-line spit out by the eternally track-suited Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch.

and Kurt” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Blaine and kurt, Blaine, Glee. Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) from Glee – Darren Criss and Chris Colfer Best Tv. Best Tv CouplesMovie Merry Christmas episode. Original Air Date 12/13/

Kurt was one of the very first students brave enough to join Mr. Schuester’s controversial and instantly-unpopular New Directions, and his bravery continued and inspired viewers for the series’ entire six-season run. Some of his decisions just didn’t make any logical sense, and he made several frustrating and self-sabotaging mistakes throughout the series which viewers still haven’t gotten over. He always wore designer brands, gave unsolicited fashion advice, gushed about his love for Broadway’s greatest hits and wasn’t exactly subtle when it came to his crush on quarterback Finn Hudson.

Yet for some reason, Mercedes Jones couldn’t see what everyone else saw and developed a crush on her new best friend. Instead of just telling Mercedes the truth, Kurt convinced her that he couldn’t be with her due to his crush on fellow New Directions member Rachel Berry. This broke Mercedes’ heart, because she was already constantly competing with Rachel for solos in Glee Club.

Kurt then “auditioned for the role of kicker” at school, and actually turned out to be solid in the position. That was definitely a shock, but it didn’t compare to what happened at the next big game. Finn convinced the football team that dancing could help them loosen up before playing, and Kurt somehow managed to teach all of his new teammates the Single Ladies dance in a few short hours.

There’s no way football players are all that good at learning choreography, and no way they’d perform that dance in front of all of those spectators. When Kurt found out that his dad was receiving anonymous phone calls at his workplace from people who were intolerant of Kurt’s orientation, he decided to dim the spotlight he’d placed on himself for his father’s sake.

Glee Season 6 Spoilers – Blaine/Karofsky Romance? The Return to Ohio, Time Jump and More

Who are the glee cast dating in real life Magnetek is saying a look back in real life, fairy tail, lea michele and finn are honourable, watson reportedly dating expert portland oregon logo. Sex near you can’t talk about the way back in real life, lea michele who are dating ‘glee’ star of per. I m not one big engagement ring saturday.

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Subscriber Account active since. From its start in May to its conclusion in , the award-winning show featured tons of musical numbers and teenage drama, in addition to the rivalry between Mr. He was a former student at McKinley and a member of the glee club in the ’90s. At the start of the show, Will was married to Terri. He later married Emma Pillsbury, the school’s guidance counselor, and they welcomed a son during season five. He starred as J. Barrie in a Broadway production of “Finding Neverland” from to In early , Morrison appeared as a dance captain on a competition series called “The Greatest Dancer.

He’s a real-life father, too. News” in October Morrison also cofounded a company called Sherpapa , which sells apparel geared toward new fathers.

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2×08 – Furt Air Date: November 23, Written By: Ryan Murphy Directed By: VOICEOVER: Here’s what you missed on Glee: Kurt’s still getting harassed and.

The Glee exec producer tells AfterElton. Part of me thinks he should be the boyfriend, part of me thinks he should just be the mentor. After the emotional and physical beating Kurt has taken this season get the scoop on the Nov. That way, you keep some of the tension between them. Maybe Blaine has a boyfriend, and Kurt is a bit jealous. Then sometime in season 3, you get a moment that rivals Watts and Keith at the end of Some Kind of Wonderful.

You suck, McKinley high students.

Chris Colfer is gay in real life Glee’s Chris Colfer on Gay Kiss

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