Not So Massively: Dota 2’s Diretide fiasco, D3’s Adventure Mode, and HoN’s Rift Wars

Undying is slaughtering zombies, Phantom Lancer is tearing through ghosts, and Roshan is ramping around the map carrying a big bucket of sweets. What the hell has happened to Dota 2? Diretide is what. It’s a newly-added game mode which asks the opposing teams to compete over candy. And it’s insane. Your first game will be enormously confusing, so allow me a moment to explain it to you. A game of Diretide is split into three parts on a specially-redesigned version of the standard Dota map.

Issues with gameplay, matchmaking searches etc. on 15/11/13

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It features a game mode similar to Diretide with some changes, most only match against other players with the same password in Diretide Matchmaking.

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Valve responds to the lack of Diretide – Page 8

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Yes, this requires an effective matchmaking system. But my point is that if the MM system was the same as HoN (based on ladder points or.

In a recent post to Dota 2’s Steam Community page, the publisher revealed that there will be a few short-lived changes introduced to the game for data-gathering purposes. These changes are meant to serve as a test run for potential permanent tweaks to Dota 2. Before implementing the changes, the developer is looking to gather data to get a read on whether the change is beneficial for players at scale. Valve did not discuss the possible changes since it does not want to reveal potential patch notes.

It did cite the gold bounty formula and gold distribution as possible changes during experimental games. The scheduled experiments will happen between 4 p. Seattle time, the time frame with the lowest player average. Though Valve is publicly discussing this approach, it’s actually not much of change. Valve has been implementing and reversing small, short-lived Dota 2 updates for a long while now.

Fans pointed out that Valve has been notoriously quiet in the past. Over recent months, Valve has been rebuilding a good rapport with fans through regular blog posts explaining and detailing each change to the game. This has been particularly prevelant on the topics of Dota 2’s matchmaking and MMR systems. March 6, Valve has warned fans of an upcoming series of experimental Dota 2 updates.

Dota 2’s Diretide Update Takes eSports to a New Level

The developers over at Valve and Dota 2 learned from their Halloween debacle of not releasing their Halloween themed content, Diretide, on time and have since released Wraith Night to celebrate the winter holidays. For those of you not aware, when Diretide was not released as promised, users took to Metacritic and angrily dropped the score by over 2 points. Wraith Night is essentially a hero defense mini-game which sees the player and 4 allied friends defending the Wraith King from wave after wave of rampaging enemies.

So, today I was very excited for the big Diretide and Spirits update: I go to find a match hoping to get my Ember Spirit and start a Diretide game.

Some Diretide games have more rage than regular Dota 2 games. Here are the different kinds of players that you will meet as you enter the better-late-than-never Dota 2 Halloween patch. There are two different sub-categories for this guy, with one result: both types know nothing. Instead, he chose to just experience everything because experience is the best teacher, right?

This guy will try attacking people even if you agreed to co-op. He will try to lane and push towers.

Valve Dev confirms no Diretide for the fifth year in a row

Who will allow you to carry the ragtag band of morons and misfits that are your teammates to easy victories. The Intermediate bots, on the other hand, are a whole order of magnitude more difficult, ganking weak champions and making much better use of their abilities — and yet they still make stupid decisions like chasing “weakened” champions all across the map while their lane stays wide-open. Zoning offlaners is his speciality.

The matchmaking is split into skill brackets, with higher skill players placed in a far smaller pool. And to boost the chance they’ll play together.

Several new experimental game modes are on their way to League of Legends , starting with the interesting One For All mode that gives every player the same champion. Valve defended its decision to silently cancel Dota 2 ‘s Diretide event but has agreed to release the event as part of a huge upcoming gameplay update. And Heroes of Newerth has now released its chaotic new Rift Wars game mode that spawns players with a completely random set of abilities. The expansion will also introduce the Nephalem Rift mode that creates randomised game maps for farming loot, and a hilarious console feature that sends deadly monsters to kill people on your friends list.

Path of Exile will soon be coming to Asian regions thanks to a new partnership with Asian publisher Garena Online. Infinite Crisis shows off Harley Quinn Harley Quinn has gone from being a simple sidekick for the Joker to being a respected villain in her own right, albeit one that’s generally seen as something of an airhead. Firefall update talks quest system, bug squashing It’s time for a Firefall development update direct from Red 5.

The most interesting tidbit has to do with a new content creation tool that the devs hope will provide quest-like missions. Not content with just the standard 5v5 competitive lane gameplay that has become the MOBA standard, Riot Games expanded the League of Legends universe in with its Dominion capture-point game mode.

CM Nostruforte vs Diretide

If you know and understand what those mean, good for you; go laugh more! If you dont know what’s all about, let me explain you:. Last year Dota 2 had a halloween event called “Diretide”. Since TF2 halloween event happens every year, and the flavor text of Diretide said it was a annual event like WoW Winter Veil , people started getting hyped.

Valve defended its decision to silently cancel Dota 2’s Diretide event but Rift Wars is now accessible through the matchmaking system and.

Valve has announced that Halloween-themed Dota 2 event Diretide will be returning to the game in its next update. The company first unveiled Diretide in , and the candy-collecting seasonal event was well-received by players. Many Dota 2 players expected Valve to feature another Diretide event this year, but the event did not happen and Valve did not comment.

Now, writing on the Dota 2 blog , Valve says its choice to not include a Diretide event this year was “clearly a mistake” that was compounded by the developer not communicating with players. Most of the time we do this privately, but in our recent mistake around Diretide, we felt sharing our analysis with you made sense. Explaining why the company had originally intended to not feature Diretide this year, Valve said that “we have a huge update in the works that looked like it would be finished in time for Halloween” and that “stopping that update to work on Diretide seemed like something you would actually be unhappy with us for, because the update is pretty significant.

More on that later.

Dota 2 – Playing Diretide /w SUNSfan, Reaves, Xeno, Neil & Sajedene

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